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Debbie Taylor is an energetic keynoter with an engaging and unique way of entertaining and informing her audience about the way their subconscious mind either helps them or hinders them. Debbie leaves audiences with an entirely new way of viewing the habits, rituals and routines that direct their personal and professional lives. She leaves her attendees with tools to improve communication, performance & results. An expert in the field of hypnosis and self-mastery. Debbie can design the delivery of her message to apply to any occasion, to any audience.

Keynote Topics Include:

  • Understanding Emotional Addiction
  • How the subconscious mind can help you or hinder you, and what to do about it
  • Creating change by giving up procrastination once and for all
  • Creating habits that propel you forward at home and at work
  • Take control of the thoughts your brain in thinking
  • Expand your ability to be mindful and present in all situations
  • How to attract anything you want in any part of your life
  • Making peace with your internal dialog
  • And more…

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