Meet the Author

Debbie Taylor is passionate about helping others learn the truth about manifesting happiness, health, wealth, and overall wellbeing. 

4N8A9102 Edit 1024x819 1As a former educator and administrator in both the public and private sectors, Debbie draws on her years of experience teaching children and adults how to change their subconscious programming in order to move past old hurts, unskillful beliefs and negative thought habits in order to create a life of joyful abundance in all areas.

In addition to being an author, Debbie is an intuitive life coach, a hypnotist, an online course creator teaching hypnosis certification courses, and a speaker. Debbie is skilled at helping her clients understand how and why they do the things they do, and how they can rewire their subconscious programming in order to make positive changes that enhance their daily life experience.

Debbie enjoys spending time with her family in the beautiful outdoors of western Oregon.

Debbie’s most recent publication, Mastering the Law of Attraction – Your Personal Change Blueprint is available for purchase.

You are invited to read the first three chapters for free. Click the link below to let her know where to send your free access today.

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