Meet the Author

Debbie Taylor is passionate about helping others learn the truth about manifesting happiness, health, wealth, and overall wellbeing. 

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Debbie’s books reflect her love of teaching and helping people learn how to create happy joyful lives. She expertly blends life experience, years of teaching, and ideas that simply “come to her” in moments of inspiration into each book she writes.

After retiring from more than twenty years teaching school and working in educational administration Debbie found her passion as a hypnotist. She opened Intuitive Hypnosis in 2008 and has concentrated on teaching and helping clients make significant changes in their lives. It was through this work with clients that she developed the Personal Change Blueprint which is an integral part of many of the books she writes.

With her teaching background, it was inevitable that Debbie would begin teaching again. As the owner of Hypnosis Trainings, Debbie offers hypnosis courses for both professionals and the lay person. However, her true passion lies in writing books. The soul purpose of Debbie’s books is to help her readers truly understand that they are not broken, and that the path to a happy, joyful life is in their control.

“The Personal Change Blueprint is a therapeutic work of art and both more powerful and more useful than it may seem at first glance. I fully intend to utilize the blueprint in self-hypnosis, therapy sessions and beyond.”    

Graham Old, Solution-Focused therapist and author of “How to do Hypnosis”

Debbie Taylor delivers the “how-to” so anyone can rapidly learn and apply self-hypnosis in any area, including weight loss, smoking, or procrastination. Her Eight Step Personal Change Blueprint guarantees success designing and implementing your personal self-hypnosis program.

Linda Wells, Ed.D., Educator and hypnotist